Lisa Jean-Francois, MFA, is a Wife, Mother, Educator, Brand Coach and Beauty and Style Blogger at Lisa a la Mode. Lisa began building her own brand “Lisa a la Mode” through the use of video marketing in 2012, and has since then built a successful online following across several major social media channels.

What began as a hobby, simply sharing her love of all things related to beauty and style, quickly turned into brand campaigns and thousands of followers across all of her social media channels. Lisa began mentoring other female entrepreneurs, and after watching their online brands grow and flourish under her tutelage, she decided to share more broadly the Beautifully Branded System.

Lisa believes so strongly in this system that she now runs her own business from home full-time, a dream she never knew was possible.

Formerly a higher education administrator at Harvard Business School, Lisa has worked with some of the most brilliant business professionals in the world. Today she uses the knowledge and experience she gained in her previous role to focus her time exclusively to helping women like you live their best lives.

Internet marketing is happening every second of every single day, and if you are serious about growing your brand you are going to want to gain exclusive access to Lisa’s 3B System.

Lisa Jean-Francois
Lisa Jean-Francois

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